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High-Speed Inspection of Lyophilized Parenteral Pharmaceutical Products

Seeing is Believing – When Quality Really Matters

Lyophilized parenteral products pose unique inspection challenges because of the solid cake nature of the drug in the glass vial.  While human inspectors have the advantage of being able to manipulate the vials for 360° viewing, the human eye can not reliably see particulate smaller than 150mm, and this is further exacerbated at higher speeds and with the introduction of different color and lighting scenarios.

ATS Automation has applied over 40 years of complex manufacturing problem solving to the design of Lyoscan, an automated inspection system that utilizes as many as 28 cameras to capture vial images at various elevations and rotational positions.  Inspections for particulate, vial and cake integrity, under and overfill, and cosmetic defects are completed on vials ranging in size from 2-30mL and at speeds of up to 425ppm.  The cam-synchronized and controlled motion manages vial acceleration and velocities without sacrificing throughput or disturbing the cake or damaging the vial.  Vials are sorted and segregated at the outfeed, and those that have passed all inspections can be trayed for subsequent packaging or fed to integrated packing equipment.

Precise inspection designed specifically to ensure product quality and minimize false reject rates


Lyoscan Inspection System

ATS Automation’s Lyoscan system is designed to inspect lyophilized drugs in glass vials at rates of up to 425 vials per minute.  Each vial undergoes approximately 40 vision inspections utilizing 28 cameras in order to identify and segregate product suspected of having undesirable particulate, compromised integrity, or minor or cosmetic defects.

Advanced Technology for Compliant Manufacturing

Designed for life sciences manufacturers and their demanding regulatory environments, Lyoscan maintains a detailed and complete product image history.  It is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for batch traceability, data handling and record archiving.

An Integrated Hardware/Software Vision System

An all-in-one vision device, ATS Cortex Plus™ is designed to reduce integration time while still utilizing standardized hardware and software.  It runs with ATS SmartVision™ software and can be connected with 2-8 cameras and 4-12 light sources.

ATS SmartVision™ Software – A Breakthrough in Vision Systems

ATS SmartVision is a highly scalable PC-based vision system that combines high-performance, platform-independent vision engine with an east-to-use interface.

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Automating Inspections with Machine Learning Techniques

How do you replace human inspectors with automation for that difficult inspection?  How do you reduce false rejects typically associated with complicated inspections?  Hear Steve Wardell, Manager of Imaging & Vision Engineering at ATS Life Sciences, speak about high speed inspection of lyophilized products, the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and how they apply to difficult inspections, and more.

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High Speed Vision Inspection of Medical Device Components

ATS Automation’s vision capabilities go well beyond Lyoscan™.  Although a complex and complicated inspection challenge, other products pose equally tough inspection problems.  This customer was searching for a high speed inspection and verification system for its clear medical device components at rates of 130-250 ppm.

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